Sharing Technology And Resources (STAR)

Education is at the center of all of Campus FM Technology Association's services.  Opportunities to learn and share information are provided through webinars and conferences sponsored by CFTA, as well as during collaborative discussions on our ListServ. All educational opportunities sponsored by CFTA are provided for the purpose of fulfilling the CFTA mission that is epitomized by the CFTA slogan, "Facilitating Your Success."

The Board of Directors and Officers are continuously expanding CFTA resources in order to encourage collaboration and information sharing that promotes growth in our industry.  Just as technology is constantly changing, our resources are intended to evolve to meet our members' needs.  If you have an idea for how we may expand our resources, please contact us today.

CFTA would like to extend a special thank you to our STAR Partners whose above-and-beyond support helps us continue to expand our service offerings.  

CFTA Resource & Services List

ListServ - The CFTA ListServ does not require membership to participate and is an actively used community resource.  
Annual Conference - The annual CFTA conference is hosted by an affiliated university and offers opportunities to present on your successful implementations, learn from other universities, seek expertise from our business partners, as well as network with others in the FM industry and grow relationships that will last a lifetime.  Conference recordings are archived and available to CFTA members and then released to the public after a year.

Webinars - LIVE and recorded webinars cover a wide variety of topics and solutions in our field and are free and offered to the public. CFTA members and non-members alike may enjoy the additional benefit of having access to archived recordings.



Membership Directory - Member information access is provided to individual memberships (non-commercial memberships only)
Archives - Webinar and conference recording, as well as historical and current Association documents, are made available via the CFTA online archive.  Login required.
Surveys - CFTA deploys surveys to our members and constituents on hot topics in order to retrieve information on our organization and other campus institutions.  We compile the information into published reports that are made available to our community.

Reports - CFTA publishes reports and white papers for free to our members and to share with our affiliated organizations as influencing agents.  Non-members may purchase these reports at a nominal cost.  All reports are released to the public after a year.

Awards - CFTA is building our awards offering with the first of many being the . Showcase the incredible work that you do while sharing your knowledge with the CFTA community.  All submissions will be published on our website.  One project will be named the annual award recipient during our annual conference.

  Social Media - Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter!
  Collaboration Tools - Connect with others via the CFTA Slack team to share code and support each other!  Invitation to join is required.  Request Access

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