Campus FM Technology Conference

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Edgewater Hotel | 1001 Wisconsin Pl, Madison, WI 53703 |  (608) - 535 - 8200

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The 2017 CFTA conference will take place at the Edgewater Hotel in the beautiful city of Madison, with our host the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Scenic shores of Lake Mendota to the north; robust wildlife of the Arboretum to the south; in between, you’ll find 936 bustling acres that Badgers call home.  Built on an isthmus, UW–Madison and the city of Madison seamlessly blend together, creating opportunities and an atmosphere unlike any other campus.  Please join us to share best practices in this very special location, while networking with fellow campus FM leaders to extend and widen our collaborative community.  Presentations will cover a broad range of FM topics and showcase technologies that better support our daily operations and future campus FM goals. Business partners will offer their expertise with specialized and enterprise solutions, and keynote speaker, Paul Aubin, will offer insight that only 25 years teaching design, production, and CAD & Revit management can offer.