CFTA Sponsored Webinars

The Campus FM Technologies Association offers our sponsor level business partners CFTA sponsored webinar to be used within one (1) year of your membership activation or renewal (quantity based on sponsor level).  These webinars are added to our events page and promoted through our ListServ, membership emails, as well as through our social media outlets, such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter. 

In order to qualify for this benefit, business partners must agree to the following:

  • the webinar should be recorded and a video be provided to CFTA for publication to the CFTA YouTube channel
  • the final attendee roster should be provided to CFTA following the webinar

If you are a Gold, Diamond, or STAR Partner sponsor level business partner and would like to take advantage of this benefit, complete this form to get started. 

If you are a Bronze or Basic level business partner, you are still eligible to purchase a CFTA sponsored webinar.  Email [email protected] learn more.