CFTA Conference Planning Spec Sheet


Conference Overview


Conference Name:  Campus FM Technology Association Conference
Event Scheduled Date: Occurs from a Tuesday through Friday, typically end of July / early August
Attendee Counts: 150 - 250
Vendor Booths: 20-40
Session Overview: 25+ unique presentations, three simultaneous tracks.  6+ keynotes (main keynote and the others are CFTA Diamond Partners).  Unconference occurs on Friday for three hours until noon (round table discussions on hot topics of interest).
Typical Conference
Weekly Schedule:
Saturday travel day for CFTA Conference Planner
:  travel day for CFTA Leadership | Conference Setup
Monday:  travel day for attendees | Board Meeting & Strategic Planning
Tuesday:  Pre-Conference Sessions  | Welcome Reception
Wednesday:  Keynote | AM/PM Sessions
Thursday:  AM/PM Sessions | Campus Tour | Special Event
Friday:  Raffle | Unconference
Estimated Budget: Costs vary depending on the city and special event with an estimated range between $75,000 - $115,000.  All costs are paid entirely by CFTA.
Standard Conference Needs:
  • Banquet Hall for breakfast, lunch, and all-attendee conference gatherings.  Large enough to permit vendor booths around perimeter.
  • Adjacent corridor that offers adequate vendor space.
  • Meeting Rooms (3-4)
  • Conference stock room (closed door resource area)
  • Board meeting room (Monday only)
  • Reception Area
  • Transportation (for campus tour and/or special event)
  • Food Service Provider
  • Hotel Block
  • Keynote Speaker (may be flown in, included as a conference cost estimated at +/-$1,200)
  • Volunteers (5-10) - registration desk, tours, other
  • Photographer
  • Tripods, printing materials, miscellaneous event supplies
Hosting Campus Investment: The campus host is responsible for storing conference supplies leading up to the event (ample space needed), printing conference materials (name badges, registration lists, and signage which may be upwards of 20-30 large format foam core prints), planning campus tours (routes and providing guides), managing the registration desk, and bus support during campus tours and special event.  They will receive guidance and support by CFTA. 
Conference Planing: A conference planner will support the hosting campus throughout the planning process.
Local Host Registration Discounts: Local hosts receive two complimentary* registrations and reduced* costs registrations as determined annually by CFTA. 

*Comped and discounted rates do not include pre-conference sessions.


Pre-Planning Needs of Hosting Campus


Local Host Engagement: Review engagement information and respond with interest to serve as local host. MOA will be provided following engagement.
Official Acceptance: Hosting campus should provide signed MOA of official acceptance to serve as a CFTA conference local host. Submit by July 1st two years prior to year of hosting. 
Confirmed Conference Dates: Submit by October 31st two years prior of hosting year
Conference Tours: Submit by October 31st nine months prior to hosting year

Rules & Regulations


Contract Signatures: Only the CFTA President has express rights to sign contracts on behalf of CFTA.  An individual may be authorized to sign but this motion must be passed by the CFTA Board and all signed contracts should be presented to the Board for review and approval.  Delegated signed documents does not absolve the CFTA President from any errors and omission.
Payments:  Requests for payments should be sumitted to the CFTA Treasurer.  In case of emergency and the CFTA Treasurer is unavailable to make a payment, a CFTA Director has been supplied with a secondary CFTA credit card to facilitate necessary payments.