How To Use the ListServ





  1. Click on the email link below from the account you wish to communicate from
  2. Replace <FIRST NAME> and <LAST NAME> with your name, e.g. John Smith
  3. Remove any additional content, like your signature, so that the body of the email only contains the words listed on the body line below. 
  4. Send your email
  5. You should immediately receive a confirmation email from ListServ.  You must click on the link to complete your subscription request. 


If you experience any problems, email [email protected].

(you must send from the email address you're signed up with) 

To:   [email protected]
Subject:  Leave subject blank
Body:  subscribe campus-fm-tech-assoc John Smith  <-- replace with your name

(you must send from the email address you're signed up with) 

To:  [email protected]
Subject:  Leave subject blank
Body:  signoff campus-fm-tech-assoc


How To Send an Email on the ListServ


  1. Address your e-mail to [email protected]Note: Do not send subscribe, unsubscribe, or additional ListServ requests to this address

  2. Include a message to the body of your email

  3. Send email


Common ListServ Commands


Send an e-mail to  [email protected], typing only the following in the email message body.  Do not enter anything in the subject line:

set campus-fm-tech-assoc nomail Suspend mail delivery without unsubscribing to the list.  This may be useful when you are going to be away from the office for a long time.
set campus-fm-tech-assoc mail Resume mail delivery.
info refcard Retrieve a full list of available LISTSERV commands.


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