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Value of Implementing a Campus Utility Mapping System
Thursday, March 28, 2019, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Category: Collaborators

Hosts: John Young & Mike Goggin
Patrick Engineering
Higher education institutions invest in technologies to manage data and improve the operations and maintenance of their building facilities. These investments are directly tied to campus modernization initiatives and the common goal of delivering student success for new and existing buildings. However, the technologies used to manage data about the supporting utility infrastructure are often antiquated and result in unnecessary cost and risk to the institution. Fortunately, an investment in the right technology and processes for managing utility asset location data yields, significant returns and at an affordable price. Reducing unplanned utility "dig-ins" and planned "potholing" projects or quickly locating the gas shut-off value during an unexpected incident are just a couple examples of immediate improvement. Like a city, campus utility infrastructure typically comprises above and below ground electric, gas, water, storm water, sewer, steam, and telecom (fiber) assets. In some cases, there may be several sub-types or flavors within these categories. Overall, it creates quite a complex challenge mapping and managing the crisscrossing spider web of assets each with their unique characteristics and behaviors. This webinar will highlight the steps required to implement a campus utility mapping solution from field locates and data collection to mapping system data population to helpful map-based applications for the stakeholder community. Solutions covered will also address staffing requirements and options for automating location data update tasks. Specific technologies to be highlighted include in-field data collection tools and methods, CAD and BIM as-built sources, and the ArcGIS platform including the new Utility Network Management extension.