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Joe Porostosky is the Director of Facilities Information and Technology Services (FITS) at The Ohio State University (OSU), where his team maintains 38 million square feet of space drawings and data, along with providing leadership to facilities-related data and document systems, including OSU’s Enterprise GIS. With a background in technology management, Joe has managed the FITS Team for the past 13 years, providing an active and strategic leadership role within the university and redefining the way his group works by using technology in new and inventive ways. As the leader for the BuckeyeBIM (Building Information Modeling) Initiative, Joe has led OSU in the adoption of BIM for existing buildings and for design and construction to improve the university’s overall decision-making processes and management of buildings. Joe holds a BS in computer science and an MA in public policy and management from OSU.                                                                                                                                              


Gabriel Armas, a multi-Industry leader, is currently in the role of Asset Systems Development at Pepperdine University. His work experience includes defense manufacturing build, 2D/3D modeling site survey manager, GIS, project information management, material planning, manufacturing planning, supply chain, virtual construction BIM, subsurface utility engineering, subsurface utility modeling and architecture, engineering and construction duties. Gabriel has development experience for real world application using ArcGIS Esri/BIM workflow, Adobe Products integration with ArcGIS Esri and Bluebeam, and integration with Revit Autodesk Products. Bringing to the table high level analytical skills, systems engineering, Six Sigma, Manufacturing, and Lean Manufacturing, he has a professional approach to problems utilizing and building upon his bachelors degree focused in Communication in technology to collaborate with leaders. Gabriel is a member of ASPRS #7465 The Imaging & Geospatial Information Society, Pacific South West and eight year elected Home Association Board Member, asset and financial management, non-profit organization.



Willingness to Serve

2021 Board of Directors Nominations

CFTA Directors are elected members that serve the governing body of the association. There are five (5) Director seats in the association and each serves a 3-year term with alternating start years, for purposes of staggering Board turnover.  An election occurs annually during the CFTA Conference.  CFTA Officers are chosen in such a manner as determined by the Board of Directors.

2 Director positions are available for the term of August 2021 - August 2024

Active members interested in serving as a Director should review the director qualifications below and are encouraged to submit a Willingness to Serve. Others interested in nominating someone they believe will be successful in this role may submit a Board of Directors Nomination.


Director Qualifications

  • Be a voting* member of the Association in good standing.
  • Have demonstrated a personal dedication to the work and goals of the Association through active participation in past Association activities.
  • Have attended at least two (2) annual conferences of the Association within a four (4) year period prior to serving on the Board of Directors**.
  • Maintain active membership in the Association and be able to commit to active participation, attend member conferences, and attend Board meetings during that person’s service on the Board of Directors.
  • Have expressed a willingness to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

*Campus members are voting members; Business Partners are non-voting members
**One of the two conferences attended within a 4-year period may include the conference where election will occur.  Due to unprecedented times in 2020, the virtual 2020 All Member Meeting will be counted if nominee attended. 

Director Responsibilities 

  • Board of Directors serve as the fiduciaries of the Association and set policies that guide the growth of CFTA in accordance to its mission.
  • All directors shall serve three (3) year terms, which begin and end during the All Member Meeting at the annual CFTA Conference.
  • All directors shall hold their offices until the terms of the offices expire and their respective successors are elected and have qualified.
  • Board of Directors meet remotely on average once monthly for a two (2) hour meeting using web-based meeting tools.
  • Board of Directors meet in-person annually in conjunction with the Association’s annual conference to receive reports from the Officers of the Association and conduct whatever business is appropriate and necessary.  Typically this meeting occurs the day before the official conference start date (historically on a Monday).
  • Board of Directors are responsible for reviewing monthly Board meeting minutes prior to monthly meeting as well as other preparation as-needed for intent of active participation.
  • Participate in special projects related to governance issues, as assigned by the President.
  • Chair or actively participate on a task force or committee, as assigned by the President.

Important Dates

January - June:  Nominations Accepted and Reviewed
July/August:  Election 
July/August:  New Term Begins





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