Committees and Task Force

Our Committees and Task Forces exist to serve as mechanisms for change within the Association.  Since CFTA is a volunteer-based organization, it relies on the participation of its community to help define long-reaching goals and evolve to meet them.  

Listed below are our current, Board approved Committees and Task Forces.  Are you passionate about something that you feel CFTA should be a body of knowledge of?  If so, you are encouraged to contact us to learn how you can be a steward of CFTA and use our resources to meet shared goals. Read the CFTA Task Force Guidelines to learn about what's involved.

Membership Committee  

The CFTA Membership Committee provides advice and counsel on matters related to membership benefits, engagement, recruitment, retention, member diversity and inclusion. The Membership Committee is composed of a Chair, Co-Chair, and four active CFTA voting members.

Committee Members:

Chair: Steve Sywak, Georgia Institute of Technology, CFTA Board Director

Co-Chair: DeVon Miller, Western Michigan University, CFTA Secretary

Committee Members: 

Sue Stewart, University of Texas, CFTA President
Julius Paulo,  University of Hawaii, CFTA Director
Maria Isabel Martinez, University of Tennessee, CFTA Director
Pamela Locke, University of Massachusetts Lowell, CFTA Director 

Awards Task Force

The CFTA Awards Task Force was established in 2018 to recognize CFTA community project achievements. 

Task Force Members:

Chair: OPEN

Task Force Members: 

Monty Combs, Harvard Medical School, CFTA Treasurer
DeVon Miller, Western Michigan, CFTA Director

Business Partner Task Force

The CFTA Business Partner Task Force was established in 2015.  It is comprised of active CFTA business partners that serve to guide the Association with what it offers CFTA business partners in terms of membership benefits and equity across membership levels. 

 Task Force Members:

 John Young, Patrick Engineering

Conference Planning Task Force

The CFTA Conference Planning Task Force was established in 2016 and is comprised of members that help plan the Campus FM Technology Association's annual conference and make recommendations on conference programs, vendors, activities, promotions, and materials. The Conference Planning Task Force includes the active CFTA Conference Planner, CFTA members from CFTA Leadership, the hosting institution, and the previous years' hosting institution.

Task Force Members:

Chair: Ann Hollins, CFTA Conference Planner

Task Force Members:   

Sue Stewart,University of Texas at Austin - 2019 Conference Host
Brown University - 2021 Conference Host 

GIS Maturity Model Assessment Task Force  

The CFTA Higher Education GIS Maturity Model Assessment Task Force was established in 2019 to develop a guide for GIS at higher education.  The model aims to allow benchmarking of current GIS capabilities and facilitate the comparisons against similar institutions.  The task force also hope to establish a "Best in Class" GIS resource network and one day create a financial model for potential GIS growth .

Task Force Members:

Chair: Julius PauloUniversity of Hawaii, CFTA Director

Co-chairs:    Chris Akin, Dunaway
                      Peter Palacios, University of North Texas

Task Force Members: 

 Taylor Keen, University of Maryland
 Sam Lingeman, University of New Hampshire
 Grant McCormick, University of Arizona
 Brian Baldwin, Esri

Leadership Nomination Committee    

The Leadership Nomination Committee was established in 2019 to facilitate the CFTA Leadership nominations process.  This committee ensures positions are secured in accordance with CFTA Bylaws.  The responsibilities of this committee includes soliciting nominations, contacting nominees, tallying eligible nominees, and organizing the voting procedure at the CFTA All Member Meeting during the annual conference.

Committee Members:

Chair: Sue Stewart, University of Texas at Austin, CFTA President

Committee Members:  

DeVon Miller, Western Michigan University, CFTA Secretary
Amy Zabel Pietz, University of Wisconsin - Madison, CFTA Director